National Outreach Week 2024

National Outreach Week 2024

Eenhoorn Participates in National Outreach week

A Focus On Sustainability 


One of the key elements of the Eenhoorn team culture is our commitment to turning words into action. We demonstrate this by actively participating in our communities, sometimes quite literally getting our hands dirty in support of sustainable efforts. Our involvement in N.O.W. started as a sustainability-focused initiative but has since expanded to address the diverse and evolving needs of our communities.

Each year, the Eenhoorn team takes part in community outreach events during National Outreach Week. Although our team is spread across the United States, we come together to make a tangible difference in our communities.


Eenhoorn’s Commitment  


Our teams work hard every day to provide service and housing in their communities. However, we believe our responsibilities go beyond our property lines. Each community faces unique challenges, and National Outreach Week gives us the chance to address these needs directly.

Because Eenhoorn manages a diverse range of properties, we are able to get involved with a variety of local outreach programs. Leading up to National Outreach Week, our teams actively identify and nominate areas in need within their communities. 

Eenhoorn Participates in National Outreach week 2024
Eenhoorn Participates in National Outreach week 2024

Community Impact 



Through our teams’ efforts, we were able to support ten non-profit organizations across the country! Our initiatives included beach cleanups in California, food pantry assistance in Michigan and North Carolina, and the restoration of a Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park in Texas. The Eenhoorn crew packaged food, picked up garbage, and restored parks in their communities.

In our home base of Grand Rapids, Michigan, our local team helped clean up the land around Gilda’s Club, a local organization that supports cancer patients and their families throughout their treatment journey. They also helped prepare the “kids’ garden” at the Blanford Nature Center, a nature preserve and active farm that hosts kids’ camps throughout the summer.

The Big Picture


Giving back is an integral part of who we are at Eenhoorn. Recognizing the unique needs of our communities motivates our teams to provide exceptional service and to step up whenever there is a need.

National Outreach Week (N.O.W.) gives our teams the opportunity to serve together, regardless of time zone. We take pride in contributing beyond our immediate responsibilities to help our communities.