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Eenhoorn Sustainability

At Eenhoorn, we reduce our environmental impact through sustainability initiatives at our properties to create a healthier environment for residents, employees, and the Earth as whole. We believe that even the smallest changes can make a substantial difference.

Some Of Our Sustainable Amenities:

LED Lighting - Light Bulb 80x80


LED Lighting

Mixed Recycling & Composting-Apple Core 80x80


Mixed Recycling and Composting

EENH-sust. site icons gray-08


Native Landscaping

EENH-sust. site icons gray-02


Building Envelope Sealing

HVAC Tune Ups - Fire & Snowflake 80x80

Regular HVAC Tune-ups

Low Flow Showerheads & Faucet Aerators - Faucet80x80

Low Flow Showerheads & Faucet Aerators

Efficient Appliances - Pot on Stove 80x80

Efficient Appliances

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations - Plug Car Icon 80x80

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

EENH-sust. site icons gray-03

Digitally Programmable Thermostats

EENH-sust. site icon water

Rain Sensors in use with Irrigation System

Community Gardens - Carrot 80x80

Community Gardens

Resident Bike Share - Bike 80x80

Bike Share Program

Eenhoorn Gives Back

We donate a portion of every application fee to The Arbor Day Foundation, contributing to the millions of trees planted in neighborhoods, communities, cities, and forests throughout the world to ensure a greener and healthier future for everyone.

Additionally, our staff participates in a yearly National Outreach Week where employees volunteer for a few hours during the workday towards sustainability-minded organizations in their communities.

Empowering Our Residents

Upon moving in, we educate our residents on the simple steps they can take to reduce their environmental impact, including tips on thermostat use habits, water consumption, low-waste laundry tips, and more efficient lighting use. Our property managers are always looking for innovative ways to make properties more sustainable and actively encourage resident feedback and ideas.   

We Are In This Together

At Eenhoorn, in addition to encouraging sustainability with our residents, our staff is committed to reducing their impact at home and at work. On-site management offices are equipped with direct-plumbed water dispensers and compostable cups – a plastic-free, fresh drinking water option for office employees and visitors. Our Support Center office in Downtown Grand Rapids reduces landfill waste by offering mixed recycling and compost collection through a local vendor. We also engage in a staff-wide Earth Week Challenge every year to encourage environmentally friendly changes at home and educate one another on new ways to live sustainably. 


Do you have an idea of how we can make one of our properties more sustainable? Contact Us here!  

Eenhoorn is a Proud Member of the West 
Michigan Sustainable Business Forum
Eenhoorn is a Proud Member of the West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum