Eenhoorn’s Commitment to Energy Efficient Housing


Energy Efficient Housing

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The Benefit for Residents 

Roughly 20% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States are attributed to heating, cooling, and powering households (Source: PNAS). At Eenhoorn’s properties, residents can rest easy knowing that they are living in the most efficient possible housing. By living in efficient apartments, residents not only have lower utility bills, but can also enjoy a warmer and drier home with improved air quality and less drafts.

Eenhoorn’s Commitment 

We seek to achieve efficiency through a whole-building systems approach. HVAC upgrades and building envelope sealing are some of the ways we ensure that heating and cooling is working as efficiently as possible. Many properties in colder climates are undergoing added insulation projects to keep warm air inside and cold air out during winter. In addition, out of date furnaces, air conditioners, and water heaters are routinely tuned up and upgraded when necessary to high efficiency versions. 

In 2019, Eenhoorn met the goal to retrofit all properties with LED lighting. Tens of thousands of incandescent lightbulbs were replaced with high efficiency LED bulbs to lower electricity bills for residents. Many properties have also been furnished with energy saving appliances such as high efficiency washers and dryers, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Cutting back on water usage is a simple step for Eenhoorn residents as well. Many properties are now equipped with low efficient shower heads and toilets.

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The Bigger Picture 

Energy efficient housing is just one aspect of Eenhoorn’s Sustainability Initiative. Eenhoorn’s multifaceted approach to sustainability sets the company apart as an award-winning property management company. Some other initiatives include providing residents with a free bike share stations and electric vehicle chargers at several properties.

Giving back to the community is another important aspect of the initiative. Through our collaboration with The Arbor Day Foundation, five trees are planted for every accepted apartment application. Every year, Eenhoorn employees take part in a National Outreach Week, where sustainability and conservation-minded organizations are supported through volunteering during workday hours. Community gardens have been installed at eight properties in the Eenhoorn portfolio to encourage residents to grow their own food while lowering their carbon footprint. Lastly, Eenhoorn is committed to empowering residents and employees by focusing on green living education.